Writing a formal complaint letter to a hospital

Medical service complaint letter Dear Sir, I, Lola Jackson, am writing this letter to complain about the poor and unsatisfactory medical services which I received at your hospital. During my stay at the hospital, I was shocked to see the behavior of the staff and the hygienic conditions at the centre.

Writing a formal complaint letter to a hospital

If a patient or the legal guardian of a patient is dissatisfied by the treatment they received while in a hospital, he or she has the right to formally complain. The first step is to find out where to take a complaint at the hospital and try to meet someone personally.

If the patient does not receive satisfaction through these means, they should next write a complaint letter.

A complaint letter to a hospital may be addressed directly to the nurse, doctor or other person responsible for the dissatisfaction. The letter can also be directed to the head of the department or head of the hospital.

It may save a lot of grief if the complainant understands what they can expect. They can ask who will see the complaint letter and what possible actions may be taken. They can also ask how long it will take to get a response and if any information about the process will be given.

The hospital complaints staff may help the patient set times when they can hope to get some information. They may want an apology or changes made in the procedures at the hospital. They may even want someone to be reprimanded or fired. This will be part of the complaint letter.

It will help the position of the complainant if they write down everything they can remember regarding the treatment. Names, dates and specific occurrences should be noted down for future reference. Patients should gather any objective evidence they can.

As mentioned earlier, the patient should find out to whom to direct the letter. It may be the same person they talked to earlier. They may also want to direct the letter to the head of the hospital.

The letter should be sent by registered post, so the patient has proof of sending and that the letter was received. No original documents should be sent and a copy of the exact package sent to the hospital should be sent by the patient to him or herself.

Here is a sample of a complaint letter about treatment in a hospital:Writing a letter of complaint to a hospital is an effective way to gain personal satisfaction and communicate information for the purpose of helping the hospital prevent a similar negative experience.

Given the importance of health care services and the possibility for patient harm, providing. Aug 18,  · How to Make a Medical Complaint. Good medical care is vital for living a long and healthy life. First try filing a complaint through the hospital itself.

Many will have a specific department that handles grievances and will follow up on your complaint. "The guidance on letter writing was good." Share yours!80%(76). Writing a Strong Complaint Letter to a Hospital (with Sample Letter) Use this sample complaint letter to a hospital as a template for your formal complaint letter.

If a patient or the legal guardian of a patient is dissatisfied by the treatment they received while in a hospital, he or . If you want help writing a complaint letter you might want to take a look at Write Express ® who have a large section called "How to write a complaint letter that gets results!" Eventually I can now make a formal complaint to the hospital trust.

How it started. write a letter that is most likely to result in favorable resolution of your concern.

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The effective com-plaint letter is written to the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital or health plan and has four ele-ments: 1) a compliment, 2) detailed description of the event, 3) expression of disappointment, and 4) .

If you have to make a written complaint about a health or adult care service, you should structure your thoughts carefully. On this page we have some tips to help you write a letter and get you the result you want.

writing a formal complaint letter to a hospital

It is usually best to get advice before writing a letter of complaint about the NHS.

Writing a Formal Complaint Letter for Poor Patient Care (with Sample)