Week 4 ip array elab

Earlier this year, I had the good fortune to sit in on a talk given by Simon Penny on May 6th at the University of Exeter. Penny, not unlike Nathaniel Stern, is best known for his praxis, writing and teaching on interactive and robotic installations focusing on issues of embodiment, relationality and materiality. As an early practitioner and developer of these technologies, Penny was somewhat visibly infuriated with this, and understandably so.

Week 4 ip array elab

We have talked about this at EMC World. Based on the initial response, the interest level behind this effort seems to be quite high. Here is some more information about the effort. While it may be obvious, it still deserves saying that continuous availability is an end-to-end paradigm starting with the application to multi-pathing to SAN configuration to IP configuration to capabilities like VPLEX Metro and last but not the least physical storage.

We have always recognized that this has an impact on how customers view and purchase solutions. In other words, when a customer thinks about continuous availability, they think about continuous availability for their SAP Environment running on VMware in a SAN with multiple data centers etc.

This has major implications for how we think about testing and validating what customers are deploying. If you think of the normal testing paradigm for any product team, their responsibility is testing the product capabilities, product handling for failure conditions as well as performance, scale and other system testing needs.

There is a second envelope of testing that is a superset of all of this — interoperability testing. ELab is responsible for interoperability and protocol testing and certifying products to work with EMC products. This results in generating Support Matrices.

Customers and the field treat these support matrices as their bibles for how to configure and deploy products for interoperability. One more envelope around this testing is solution testing. This is now taking the end-to-end pieces that are supported and deploying them and testing them for functionality and performance.

One critical piece is still missing — especially with the focus that customers are putting on continuous availability. With the paradigm rapidly moving to 6 9s and 7 9s availability, it is not sufficient to test the part pieces and trust that interop and solution testing will result in customers reaching those hallowed availability levels.

Instead, what is needed is proactive stress and failure testing of these end-to-end deployments. It is also important that we understand the operational paradigm a customer is likely to take in such a deployment.

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How are we solving this challenge? As you can imagine, in a multi-business unit company such as EMC, this is a herculean effort. You need different business units to buy into the concept of solution level failure and stress testing and then align on what is needed to validate and test this capability.

Ultimately, our vision as EMC was to deliver to customers a continuous availability experience at the data center level. Talk about setting ambitious goals. But then, our goal was to deliver value to our customers. And setting goals only because they are achievable is not the way to get there.

The mission of the MCC is to build a platform to test and demonstrate greater than 6 9s availability in production for products in the EMC portfolio. And when we say production, we mean it.

For our internal purposes, we treat the MCC exactly as we would treat a customer. They file an SR, escalations to engineering go through exactly the support route that the customer would follow.

Upgrades to systems are done similar to how customers would go through it. For all practical purposes, they get exactly the same handling and care that EMC would provide in a customer environment. This teaches us about not only how the product behaves but also about what the impact is of our support processes from a customer perspective.

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Finally, this helps us also start to look at the problem holistically — i. What is in place and where are we going? The MCC team was started as a ground up effort looking for like minded and interested stakeholders across different business units translation: Here is the configuration they have put together.

Mission Critical Center Architecture For readers of this blog, you should be very familiar with this topology — it represents the cascaded VPLEX and RecoverPoint topology discussed here and specific topology captured here.

The goal is to take real world customer workloads and deploy them across infrastructure the way a customer would and to learn their operational challenges as well as how the infrastructure handles and recovers from failures.This is the file for the syllabus Choose your language All Docsity's contents are fully available from any version Programming and S.E.

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Week 4 ip array elab

FalconStor's software and EMC's Clariion disk arrays are bundled and rebranded the EMC Disk Library. In a separate release, QLogic announced that EMC has certified its new SANbox directors as e-Lab tested for use with Clariion and Symmetrix arrays.

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