Umayyad and abbasid caliphates comparison

This article will look at, 1. What is Abbasid Empire? What is Umayyad Empire? What is Abbasid Empire Abbasid was the third Islamic caliphate that was established after the death of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Umayyad and abbasid caliphates comparison

Date The Umayyad and the Abbasid Caliphates. The period between witnessed the emergence of Islam which first started in Umayyad Dynasty before expanding into Abbasid dynasty. Abbasids rose in the year and replaced Umayyad dynasty.

Abbasid dynasty took advantage of the weaknesses of Umayyad rulers and raised a revolt against them. One of their main aims was to unite the many groups which had expressed their grievances against the Umayyad Rauf This paper will therefore seek to compare and contrast the rise and fall of Umayyad and the Abbasid Caliphates.

Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates have some similarities as well as differences One of the main similarities between the two is that they shared Islam faith. They all recognized Muhammad as their prophet and strictly adhered to the Islamic laws and teachings. Another similarity between the two dynasties is that they both recognized the need to convert as many people as possible to the Muslim faith and beliefs.

On the other hand, the two dynasties had a number of differences. For instance, the two differed on the subject of position of women and treatment of mawali.

The two differed on the manner in which they perceived and treated the non-Arab Islam converts. Unlike the Abbasid Umayyad did not consider the non-Arabs converts to Islam mawali as full members of umma.

As a result of such treatment of mawali, Umayyad era witnessed a very low rate of conversion to Islam faith. Abbasid era on the contrary saw a full integration of new converts of both Arab and non-Arab descents into the Islamic community Rauf Some scholars argue that the reason as to why the Abbasid dynasty welcomed the mawali is that the Abbasid dynasty knew very well that there was a very big potential for growth in social status and wealth of landlord and merchant class of the empire.

This was seen as way of building up a strong dynasty. During the era of Abbasid, the position of women in the society was declining massively. During this era, many of the concubines were actually slaves.

This shows how unfairly women were treated during this era since they were deprived of their basic human rights.

However, the concubines and servants were perceived to have more personal liberty compared to the freeborn wives.

Umayyad and abbasid caliphates comparison

During this era, Caliphs and high officials could spend more time with their concubines than their wives whom they perceived as less educated as compared to the concubines Firestone However, during the Umayyad period, there were no incidences of seclusion of women.

On top of that, women were not forced to wear veils as it was the case with Abbasid era. It clearly shows that this era ushered in a new wave of change on the manner which women were viewed and treated.Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates comparison Essay (CE) Umayyad clan starts as a foe to Muhammad.

They are defeated at Mecca by Muhammad’s forces but are embraced by Muhammad and become a powerful Muslim clan that will lead the faith after Muhammad.

Umayyad and abbasid caliphates comparison

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Economic. Social. Decline (CE) Umayyad clan starts as a foe to Muhammad. They are defeated at Mecca by Muhammad’s forces but are embraced by Muhammad and become a powerful Muslim clan that will . Abbasid and umayyad caliphates comparison essay 11/18/ P t usha essays a cricket match essay words about the flags, watan se mohabbat essay essay on likes and dislikes of a teenager essay for a college application great attention getters for essays on success appbackr descriptive essay essay on ishant sharma ponytail start4life.


But because the Abbasid Caliphate was in the power for many years, in comparison with the Umayyad, it seams the peace was a bit more, in the time of the Abbasid and the militancy of the Abbasid was better. Sep 13,  · Best Answer: The Umayyad dynasty came 1st AD, the Abbasid dynasty overthrew the Umayyad's and came 2nd about AD.

They were both family dynasty's ruling the Arab Muslim empire that stretched from Afghanistan to Spain. They were both Sunni's. They both ruled the huge empire from a top capital Status: Resolved.

Abbasid vs Umayyad Empire After the death of Prophet Muhammad, Islamic world was guided by Caliphs, the last of whom was Ali (Muhammad’s son in law). Ali’s death split the Muslim world into two with Husain forming and leading one group under the premise that .

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