There is only one story

The premier arrived back in Israel this morning from Paris after he cut short his trip and cancelled a scheduled meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron Netanyahu had been in Paris, along with more than 70 heads of state, to mark the th anniversary of the end of World War I.

There is only one story

But his accessibility is increasing at the same time the White House press briefings are decreasing.

There is only one story

This is a new low for briefings, which were an almost-daily occurrence in past administrations. Sanders has been cutting back on briefings for several months.

Sanders held five briefings in June, three in July, and five in August. So the previously "daily" briefing has become a "special occasion" event. The sole briefing in September was on the 10th.

It lasted 44 minutes, but Council of Economic Advisers chief Kevin Hassett spoke during most of the first half of the briefing about policies that have boosted the US economy. While reporters are always hungry for opportunities to pose questions to the president, briefings have historically served a different and complementary purpose.

But she downplayed the value of the briefing by saying "we talk to the press in a number of different ways. This is a markedly different approach to the briefing than past administrations adopted.

There is only one story

During the Bush and Obama years, there were briefings on most days when the president was not traveling. And he sometimes publicly undermined statements Spicer made from the podium.

That problem has also cropped up in the 14 months that Sanders has been press secretary. But the disappearance of the briefing is a significant change nonetheless.

While leaving more of the talking to Trump may be politically expedient, it is disadvantageous to the press, because the briefing format allows for different types of questions and a fuller range of questioners. It is not the end-all and be-all of our work, but it symbolically shows that the most powerful political institution in American life is not above being questioned.

On Monday, for example, Trump took questions during an event that was meant to tout his new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, but he bristled when reporters tried to ask about non-trade topics. At a press briefing, reporters would be able to ask about a myriad of other topics.Some people are better at being themselves than others are.

They're the ones at home instantly in any untried environment, the way a cloud looks just right no matter where it is in the sky.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor- by Thomas C.

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Foster. Posted on April 4, the most sweeping and difficult to swallow the contention that “there’s only one story.” p. As in total. There is one story, and every story we read or see or hear is some version or part of that same story.

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