Social business plan competition 2012 gmc

Market share is defined as "the percentage of a market in terms of either units or revenue accounted for by a specific entity". In general economic terms, competition is considered to be healthy for markets.

Social business plan competition 2012 gmc

That was no small feat, considering there were 31 teams competing from all 17 schools in the UNC system. The competition was held Thursday, Sept.

The Entrepreneur Challenge

Organized by the UNC General Administrationthe purpose of the conference was to bring together economic development interests from all regions of the state to discuss social business concepts. In addition, college student teams from across North Carolina were challenged to develop business solutions to pressing local and state issues.

They will also represent their fellow competitors at the Board of Governors meeting in October. Miller is a senior pursuing a B.


Narybouth is a sophomore pursuing a B. Their non-profit aims to make it easy for any business to make a positive social impact in their local community and abroad by enabling businesses to add on a one-cent donation from each customer to the total of every transaction in their store.

This penny supports micro-finance partners abroad. When the initial loan is repaid, it supports local community projects, such as food drives, community gardens and hospitals.

He brought on Narybouth as chief financial officer because of his experience in the financial industry.

Selected Honors and Awards – Vilma Todri

According to Miller, the best part of the competition was the people they met, which he felt was worth more than any prize. The students were treated to a keynote presentation from Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Yunus is a world-renowned Bangladeshi banker and economist best known for his work in microcredit.

social business plan competition 2012 gmc

Microcredit loans are small loans awarded to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. Yunus told the students they had the power to change anything because of the technology that exists today.

Their website is currently under construction; in the meantime, additional information is available via their Facebook page. Brandon Narybouth is from Huntersville, N.These slides use concepts from my (Jeff Funk) course entitled Biz Models for Hi-Tech Products to analyze the business model for Uber’s taxi Many fleet professionals depend on courtesy deliveries to keep their fleet running.

Interruptions and delays in that delivery process could mean the difference between whether a driver is able to hit the road and do their job, which ultimately impacts your bottom  · New Hampshire’s data-driven source for news and analysis of job, business, the budget, taxes, and other ways local, state and federal government affect the economy and its LUMS Synergies, Lahore, Pakistan.

9K likes. LUMS MBA and GMC present Synergies! If ' Plan A' didnt work,the Alphabet has 25 more letters!Stay Coool.

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social business plan competition 2012 gmc

*  · [Nominated for the INFORMS Best Student Paper Award on Social Media Analytics] • Developed and implemented the business plan and the technological infrastructure • Global Business and Management Competition (GMC and , ranked 4th in Greece)

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