Smartpen custom paper placemats

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Smartpen custom paper placemats

Straight edge preferably metal T-square Cutting blade Make sure you open up your roll of cork and let it relax overnight, at least! Step One — Attach the Sheets Here is a little trick I learned in design school, and it saved my life before when getting ready for my presentations: Before you get caught in the vicious cycle of the paper not lining up, getting stuck in the wrong spot, having to lift it back up, and having to crumple it into a ball out of frustration, line your paper up to the edge of the cork as close as you can get it.

Once your paper is in place, take two binder clips and secure them to the edge of one side. Next, lift your paper up and apply an even coat of spray adhesive to your cork. Let it set up for a few moments before you start to smooth the paper down.

Once the adhesive has set up, slowly smooth the paper down, starting from the binder clip side on over. When the paper is in place, remove the binder clips, lift up the remaining edge slightly to give it a quick spray, then smooth it down.

I just save your sanity and possibly a small tree! Make sure to save your remnants. You never know when you can use the leftovers—maybe for some coasters! However, the idea is to make these placemats last, so you really should coat them with a few layers of a glazing medium.

The most commonly used is Mod Podge, and it comes various finishes. I chose the traditional matte finish with a light sheen, but you should feel free to go high gloss or even crackle for a fun, rustic look. Apply your gloss in thin, even coats, one layer at a time, to keep the paper from warping.

I prefer doing two to three coats for this project to make sure that the paper is really sealed inside the glaze.

smartpen custom paper placemats

It also allows for easier cleanup later. Put your placemats off to the side to dry for at least 24 hours before use.

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Final step—test them out and show them off to your family and friends. And now, as one of television's few female general contractors, she is taking empowerment to a whole new level!

Good design is about finding your own personal style and making it work to your advantage. Her main goal has always been to empower people everywhere to create designer- inspired looks in their own homes. On television, Summer specializes in creating distinctive, high-end interiors on strict budgets.

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She also loves helping people work with what they have, then teaches them how to add, revamp and revitalize to create stylish, low-cost and unique interiors that reflect the personality of the client. This personalized touch puts the final stamp on a project that makes a house a home.Our Paper Placemat Printing is the best in the industry.

If you are in Illinois, Michigan, New York or Ohio give us a call to start your placemat printing. United States: Fort Worth. Restaurants, diners & cafes can all benefit from these 10" x 14" Customized Paper Placemats.

Order online & choose straight, round or scalloped edges! Personalized Placemats Children value a sense of ownership and place-just ask any parent who has had to deal with two toddlers arguing over who gets to sit on which seat at the dinner table.

Give your child that reassuring sense of ownership with a personalized placemat. MenuCoverMan delivers quality restaurant placemats fast, with knock-your-socks off low pricing, and exemplary customer service.

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smartpen custom paper placemats
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