Power sharing in india and belgium

I have a simple equation in mind. Why do we start by talking of this? Answer Sharing of power does not always mean weakening the country.

Power sharing in india and belgium

Power sharing is the distribution of power to all the level of the government equally -4 Power sharing is desirable because it helps to decrease the possibility of conflict among political parties or government -9 Power sharing is the spirit of democracy.

It helps the govt. It helps the minority group of the society to lead a peaceful and respectful life. Power sharing is the important factor of democracy as it shows the unity of the country as well as it also determines the stability of the govt. In democracy,people have a right to be consulted on how they are to be governed through participation,they acquire a stake in system.

And by horizonatal power shraing between judiciary executive and judiciary 1 In India there are 4 forms of power sharing: The legislature is concerned with passing the laws, controlling the finances of the state and delivering on matter of public importance.

The executive machinery implements the policies of the government and executes the rules made by the legislature bodies. The Judiciary is concerned with the interpretation of the laws and has the power to punish those who commit crimes or break the laws.

The Judiciary can also check the functioning of executive. Power Sharing in Different Organs of Government: Power is shared among different organs of government, such as the legislature, executive and judiciary. Power Sharing at Different Levels: It refers to a general government for the entire country and governments at the provincial or regional level.

Such a general government for the entire country is usually called federal government. State Governments and Central Government have their distinct areas to exercise power.

This is called federal division of power. Power Sharing Among Social Groups: Social groups, such as the religious and linguistic groups. This is done to ensure their adequate representation in the Government machinery. Power sharing arrangements can also be seen in the way political parties, pressure groups and movements control or influence those in power.

In a democracy, we find interest groups such as those of traders, businessmen, industrialists, farmers and industrial workers. They also will have a share in governmental power, either through participation in governmental committees or bringing influence on the decision making process.

Power sharing in india and belgium

Horizontal distribution of power allows different organs of government placed at the same level to exercise different powers. Such a separation ensures that none of the organs can exercise unlimited power.

Each organ checks the others. This results in a balance of power among various institutions. For example, ministers and government officials exercise power, they are responsible to the Parliament or State Assemblies. Similarly, judges can check the functioning of executive or laws made by the legislatures.

This arrangement is called a system of checks and balances. Power shared among governments at provincial or regional level is called as vertical form of power sharing. In India, we refer to it as the Central or Union Government. The governments at the provincial or regional level are called by different names in different countries.

In India, we call them State Governments.Belgium and Sri Lanka Belgium - A View Belgium in Europe, is bordered with Netherlands, France and Germany. The population of Belgium is a little over one crore.


This country has a very complex ethnic composition. 59 per cent of the total population lives in the Flemish region and speaks Dutch language 40 per cent people live in the Wallonia . POWER SHARING IN INDIA Power Sharing What Is Power Sharing??

Power Sharing is a form of government involving guaranteed group representation, and is often suggested for managing conflict in deeply divided societies. Power Sharing In India And Belgium. studies Assignment Fa-1 Power sharing in India TYPES OF POWER SHARING IN INDIA India mainly has two types of power sharing: 1) Among various organs of the government.

The various organs of the government: * Legislature * Executive * Judiciary * It is known as the horizontal distribution because all the three organs are placed at the same level.

In a modern democracy, power-sharing arrangements can take many forms. Horizontal distribution of power: In this, the power is shared among different organs of government such as the legislature, executive, and urbanagricultureinitiative.com type .

Power sharing. The Ethnic composition of Belgium 59 per cent lives in the Flemish region and speaks Dutch language. 40 per cent people live in the Wallonia region and speak. 1. POWER SHARING • INDIA • BELGIUM • SRI LANKA • syria 2. POWER 3. MEANING 4. • 5.

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Power Sharing In India 6. Power Sharing • Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy. • A democratic rule involves sharing power with those affected by its exercise, and who have to live with its effects.

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