Mexican conflict over political and economic interest

December Politics are among the most ancient, enduring, and consequential sources of conflict, as they determine how power will be distributed among people, including over life and death, wealth and poverty, independence and obedience. Conflicts concerning these issues have shaped the ways we have interacted as a species over the course of centuries. At their core, as Hannah Arendt wrote, is the conflict that, "from the beginning of our history has determined the very existence of politics: If we define political conflicts as those arising out of or challenging an uneven distribution of power relational, religious, and cultural power, it is clear that politics happens everywhere.

Mexican conflict over political and economic interest

How do non-state actors challenge state sovereignty and effect the economic, political, social and cultural nature of a state? This issue relates to unit 1: Non-state actors and Unit 4: Additionally, these cartels pose a threat to the sovereignty of the Mexican states as the Mexican state's inability to resist and stop these cartels from producing and selling illegal narcotics.

Furthermore, the cartels immensely affect the Mexican state's monopoly over the use of violence as almost the whole of Mexico has been taken over by cartels due to the current crisis of regional groupings of the cartels which require multilateral resolutions.

The manifestations of these cartels in Mexico have an impact on the community in a variety of ways, they, cause a Mexican conflict over political and economic interest for the locals, causes regional conflict and has an effect on the international community.

Constitutional framework

Therefore, in order to gain a complete understanding of the international drug trafficking, regional conflict, and its complications, it is critical to understand the poor political system, poverty and development and unequal distribution of wealth in this state that supports this political and global concern.

This topic interests me as the international community has almost completely shifted its concern to terrorism. Although terrorism is a major global concern, the global drug trafficking and countless deaths due to cartels in Mexico should be a priority of the international community.

When I attended the MUN model united nations as a part of my engagement activity concerning this topic, I walked in with a populist view through watching the popular TV show "Narcos" which entails the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and his cartel.

Due to this, I did not fully understand the corrosive complications and issues that were caused because of drugs in the Mexican state.

However, I did know that it was a violent and profit-driven non-state actor that had a major influence in the state. MUN has inspired me to investigate the political, cultural, economic and social impacts of the cartels in Mexico. Furthermore, this topic interests me because the divide between the poor global south and wealthy global north which shows a significant poverty and corruption rate in the global south.

During the conference, I was part of the RCC recent crisis committeewhere I had the opportunity to discuss the social, political, economic and cultural impact on the state of Mexico due to the selling and distribution of Narcotics, with delegates representing countries such as France, USA, Germany, and Guatemala.

I represented Germany in this committee, and before attending the conference I had researched the impacts of the drug trafficking in Mexico and how it has a negative effect on the international community and the Mexican state itself.

Socially, the high rates of unemployment in the Mexican state and the unequal distribution of money influences the poor peoples in Mexico to turn towards the Narcotics trade.

Furthermore, the working population is also pushed towards the cartels and gangs as it is an easier way of making money and providing for the people and their families.

Due to this mentality of getting rich through illegal trade of narcotics, it now becomes a trend amongst the youngsters in Mexico to join, lead and even become millionaires from this illegal trade. This impact on the youth of Mexico indicates the lower attendance rates at school and unemployment.

In the RCC committee that I was in almost all countries brought up the cultural, political, economic and social implications of the Drug war on the Mexican state and the international community. Due to the drug trade, most of the country is being taken over by violence, unlawful drug trafficking, and corruption.

The political leadership of Mexico does not hold a strong leadership position inside the Mexican state because of the previous leadership and some of the current leaders, who speak out in opposition to the cartels are either assassinated or paid off.

Government and society

The highest consumption of drugs being transported out of Mexico is in the United States, making the illicit drug trade within the U. The intervention of the military to control the drug trade has led to the cartels to fight amongst themselves over territory, drug shipments and with the Mexican military.

A Conflict in Interest The year marked the beginning of reform within the Mexican political order. Proposals such as Francisco Madero’s Plan of San Luis Potosi and The Plan de Ayala by Emiliano Zapata denounced the rigid control of dictator Porfirio Diaz, stating that the existing gove. Hungary's prime minister is claiming that the European Union is seeking to take over the defense of the bloc's external borders in order to facilitate. Nov 09,  · Watch video · As a result of the continuing dispute over Texas, frictions between the U.S. and Mexican residents of the region, and a desire to acquire land in New Mexico and California, the U.S. declares war.

This has resulted in the civilian population getting caught in the cross fire leading to hundreds and thousands of innocent lives being lost. The drug conflict in Mexico has affected many bordering states and has led to a very obvious disregard for human life.

The United States has trouble controlling the border violence due to increasing violence among drug cartels inside the northern Mexican states. The intervention by the military attempted to control and stop the drug trade.Political Economy [nolite confidere in principibus.

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Renata Keller Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. Ever since the United States invaded its southern neighbor and seized half of its national territory in the 19th century, the two countries have struggled to establish a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

This article examines the changing relations between home countries and their diasporic populations in the United States, using the interaction between Mexican Americans and Mexico as a case study. The Mexican–American War, also known in the United States as the Mexican War and in Mexico as the American intervention in Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from to It followed in the wake of the American annexation of the independent Republic of unstable Mexican .

The following excerpt is from The Mexican Legal System: A Comprehensive Research Guide, 3rd ed. (), by Francisco A.

Mexican conflict over political and economic interest

Avalos. Today's legal system of Mexico is the result of the dynamics of many unique social, racial, political, religious, and economic historical factors that gave birth to the Mexican nation and that have propelled it to the present. Start studying Government Chapters Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Search. Over the years, the legislature has enacted hundred of laws that give various responsibilities to the county clerk. The population growth and political and economic gains of Hispanic, African American, and.

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