Lester young

A non-conformist, Young nicknamed " Pres " by Billie Holiday had the ironic experience in the s of hearing many young tenors try to sound exactly like him.

Lester young

Appearance Linework Lester is a young boy about the age of Leo and Luna. He is skinny, has green eyes, pale, and while short, he is tall for the age group he is portrayed as being.

Lester young

He has waist-length, dark red hair, keeping it pulled back by wrapping end in a black cloth. Qualities that he shares with the other two Nobles is that he wears primarily white and has a white hood. In addition, he has a gray patch which covers his left eyeand a blue gem in the middle of his forehead.

Unique to Lester though is in addition to white, he wears blue and green colors, most notably blue in-line skates as oppose to shoes or boots. His most unique attribute to his appearance though is a bar that floats around him at his shoulder height, which he uses as a Duel Disk and can connect to the metal collar he wears through the infinity symbol on the front when he activates it or to a disk he can attach to his right arm.

Most of the time, Lester wears a white cloak over his Duel Disk when he is not using it. The only time Lester's appearance has significantly changed was when he went undercover at Duel Academy.

Other than donning a Duel Academy uniform instead of his Iliaster wardrobe, he also took his patch off his left eye, hid the blue gem on his forehead, and instead pulled his hair back in one long braid.

Personality Lester in his robe with his hood up. Lester is mischievous and likes stirring up and thriving in chaos. Excitable and constantly amused by most situations that should be taken serious, Lester acts with childish traits.

However, his childishness can go a little too far as he is smug and considers himself above humanity similar to the other Nobles.

He believes being chosen by God is a serious responsibility and one given to Iliaster because of humanity's inability to grasp the bigger picture beyond the individual's personal life. He holds an arrogant self-view, striding to be in control of a situation, resulting in his actions and Dueling with the intent of controlling the opposition's actions and keeping the upper hand.

The only person that appears to be able to keep Lester's attitude in check is Jakobwho is intimidating to Lester. However, while Lester follows Jakob's commands, he is not afraid to bend the rules for his amusement or sneak his own interests in, especially when he is clear of the consequences.

Most notably, his attitude towards Primo 's plan to force the Grand Design is that of amusement, or more distinctly, apathy. He doesn't care one way or the other so long as the end goal of completing the Circuit is fulfilled.

Underneath his childish and conceited attitude though is a violent temper. When control of a situation is pulled from him, even if not completely, Lester becomes ruthless, sadistic, loud, and willing to put aside any other intentions to obliterate whoever got in his way or whatever went wrong.

Abilities Lester has his own set of unique powers like the other nobles. His most notable power is his ability to forge otherwise one of a kind cars, such as crafting Fake Jack Atlas 's Deck with three " Red Dragon Archfiends ". His power of forgery is not just limited to cards, as he can change his own shape to assume the identity of somebody else, as when he impersonated Miss Bartlet to trick Leo.

The limits of this power aren't shown, but the power is not completely perfect, as each false "Red Dragon Archfiend" he created was discolored from the proper red color of Jack Atlas 's true copy. Other abilities Lester demonstrated include the power to teleport himself. Unlike Primo, Lester does not have to use another object to make portals to teleport.

Lester can also make Duels inflict real damage by having a white infinity symbol appear at the start of the Duel. Despite his small stature, Lester is physically stronger than a well-built human as shown when he overpowered Elsworth in a sword fight.

Unlike Primo and Jakob, who can fuse with their Duel Runners from the waist down, Lester can only fuse with his Duel Board from the feet up. Aporia In a future, where most of humanity is wiped out by what was believed to be Ener-DAporia was one of the few human survivors.

He and the other survivors, AntinomyZ-one and Paradox worked on a way to restore the world to the way it once was. Shortly before Aporia died, he requested that Z-one split him into three incarnations based on the three major despairs of his life.

Z-one complied and the three embodiments of despair, Lester, Primo and Jakob were created and sent to the past. Lester is Aporia's younger years, and was the embodiment of the despair Aporia suffered after losing his parents that loved him.

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