Legal defense

We defend you by knowing the government's case against you inside and out. It starts with my broad experience as a former Prosecutor, Judge, pro tempore, combined with over two decades as a successful criminal defense attorney in trial courts throughout the State of Washington. Gene is a excellent lawyer he helped my brother twice and when I needed help with a situation I didn't hesitate to ask him to help me out.

Legal defense

First we met and he explained that there might be culpability on my part but not nothing close to the allegations. I appreciated his honesty as we have all done things that can be taken out of context so it was important he told me to realize that.

I would recommend him to anyone. It was a no brainer to call them for LDF. Both lawyers were exceptionally professional, intelligent and caring for me. They were friendly and very helpful.

Because of my role as President and Vice President I have been a target to management.

Legal defense

Thanks for all the exra work she did for me! I think the current system works very well. Both attorneys assigned to assist me - our guild attorney plus a criminal defense attorney - were very aggressive and helpful.

Their work was instrumental in helping me to navigate the criminal and internal investigations so that I could return to full duty status. My attorney made a stressful six months a lot more tolerable. Fuzie Modesto POA My representative was very kind and showed he cared when explaining what my legal rights were when dealing with an internal investigation.

He was very professional and kept me well informed throughout this case. Thank you for an awesome job. I got the results I desired. Very pleased with the process. I was very satisfied with the work the LDF performed. The lawyers and clerical staff at [law firm] were all very kind, professional and they always assisted me when I called and never made me feel like I was a burden.

I felt well represented and got great advice. My representative was very informative about the legalities and kept in contact with me regularly.

Legal defense

He was also very patient and straight forward. I would definitely want to use the LDF again and felt more confident through my proceedings because I had representation!Object Moved This document may be found here.

Legal Momentum leads action for the legal rights of women. Our targeted litigation, education, policy advocacy, and research help to shape the laws and policies that affect gender equality and ensure that they are properly implemented and enforced.

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News Legal Defense Fund Formed for Paul Manafort The creation of this fund comes as friends and relatives of other individuals wrapped up in the Mueller probe solicit donations to defray legal costs.

• The Network’s Legal Defense Fund cannot be used for defense of use of force undertaken by law enforcement or security officers, bail bondsmen, process servers, repossessors and private investigators in performance of their jobs.

Defense definition is - the act or action of defending. How to use defense in a sentence. the act or action of defending See the full definition. SINCE Menu. JOIN MWU Legal Definition of defense.

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1: the act or action of defending — see also self-defense. 2 a. Self-defense is commonly asserted by those charged with crimes of violence, such as battery, assault, or murder.

The defendant admits to having used violence, but claims that it was justified by the other person's threatening or violent actions.

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