How to write a name last name first name jr

Only use an apostrophe to show ownership, never to form a plural: A monogram comes with your last name initial larger and your first and middle names smaller. If you name is Jane Brown Smith, your monogram would be jSb. How do I create a joint monogram with my husband?

How to write a name last name first name jr

The von component will turn out to be irrelevant for my purposes.

how to write a name last name first name jr

How does one enter such a name in a BibTeX database? Component", is not correct because BibTeX interprets Jr. This matters because some bibliography styles abbreviate first names, whereas the Jr component is -- to the best of my knowledge -- never abbreviated.

Moreover, some bibliography styles place the firstname component ahead of the surname component; that's never done -- again, to the best of my knowledge -- to the Jr. I should add that it's important that the surname and Jr.

Component parts be recognized separately by BibTeX. The use case that gave rise to this query is fairly unusual.

How do you write Jr using a last name first

I posted the query while trying to help the editor of an anthology of oral stories told by Amazon rainforest dwellers. Specifically, the task was to help organize and format the references and citation call-outs.

The story contributors all have only a single name each no first names ; some of the contributors are narrators, others are translators, etc. Note that the "narrator" and "translator" particles should show up only in the references and should be separated from the names with a commabut not in the citation call-outs.

My initial idea was to use the Jr component of a four-part bibtex-formated name to hold the authors' functional information narrator, translator, etc: The Jr component is always typeset after the name, it is never abbreviated the editor was using a bibliography style that abbreviates first names while listing them ahead of the surnamesand it is is separated from the sur name with a comma.

Unfortunately, this idea didn't work, because the story tellers have single names, i. In the end, I came up with a different solution: The natbib package allows setting up citation aliases.Put it at the end after a comma like this: King, Martin Luther, Jr.

Names. The text of an author or editor field represents a list of names.

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The bibliography style determines the format in which the name is printed: whether the first name or last name appears first, if the full first name or just the first initial is used, etc. It works with the following list of names, splitting each name appropriately into 5 cells to the right / into Title, First Name, Middle Name(s), Last Name, and Suffix segments.

Mayor Tom C. Bradley, Jr. A name suffix, [dubious – discuss The term Jr. and II can both correctly used if a child's first, middle, and last names are identical to his or her parent's names.

When the suffixes are spelled out in full, they are always written with the first letter in lower case. Although there are instances of daughters being named after their. Feb 14,  · If the issue is simply a suffix to a name such as Sr or Jr then it's totally irrelevant - all that matters is the first/last name on the ticket matches that on .

The designation of Sr. or Jr. to distinguish between father and son with all the exact same names (first, middle, & last), can be replaced by the Roman numerals, I and II, respectively, when the grandson has the exact same names.

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