Harriets daughter a letter to gran

October 17th,7:

Harriets daughter a letter to gran

When the life of Henry Dunster was published ina genealogy of the male branches of his descendants, as far as known, was added in an appendix. Some of the female descendants were grieved that they and their children could not be noticed.

This just appeal could only be met by urging the want of space allotted, and the difficulty of identifying many of them after having parted with their patronymic. It is our purpose, as far as we are able, to amend this acknowledged wrong and add more information, not then accessible, of those who retain the name, as well as those who by marriage have dropped it.

The name Dunster signifies a dweller upon a dun, or down, and is of Saxon origin. There is a market town in Somersetshire, England, and a castle there by that name. Hence, we suppose, the origin of the crest Book of Family Crests, Vol.

Harriets daughter a letter to gran

He was quite too democratic for that, as his whole life shows. There are several families in this country by the name besides those descended from President Dunster, the earliest of which appears to be Charles Dunster, who, as Mr.

Jersey," on some of which he now resides. The Dunsters in Leesville, Ohio, appear to be descended from him. But the Dunsters of western New York, are of a more recent immigration.

They came from the County of Kent. He had a son-an eminent bank note engraver-now in the employ of the Russian government. In the Army Hospital at Memphis, Tenn. The account is from a correspondent of the St.

Louis Republican, which we copy: The bone of his thigh was shattered by a ball, so high up that amputation could not be performed, so nothing was offered him but to lay there and die. Watching the terrible hues of mortification come upon his limb, feeling the horrible poison steal up toward his vitals, grasping and deadening new tissues each hour, it proved too fearful for even the strong man, who to his physicians had uttered no cry or complaint, and his mind fled for relief to insanity.

A grim army joker in truth.

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The other night I felt a cold touch, and it woke me. The moon flung in a bar of light, and I saw old Death feeling of my wound. The icy touch numbed it, and the next time I woke his hand was closer to my body.

So it goes; and lie will soon be pulling on my heart chords. Life, with the full, strong pulse of thirty years, had marshalled its forces, been defeated, and was retreating upon its citadel, pursued by the decay growth of a few days.

The arteries would soon, stung by the poison tide, stagnate, and block up the gates of the heart. His name was C. Dunster, from Illinois, I believe, but the regiment he belonged to I have forgotten.

V The name appears to have been originally written Dunstone. In an old letter in our possession, on the back of which is the most extended sermon extant in President Dunster's hand, it is so written, as it also is in a record in Henry VIII.

Could it, in the formation of surnames, have had any reference to the expression, "A great rock in a weary land?i agree, for the price and the taste gotta love the goose, Vox is also quite tasty. a lady stumped me the other day, she aked for f'ing vodka, but she meant effin (thought she was really pissed lol).

Jan 09,  · If something happened to me neither my brother's, my husband's brothers his mum or gran or my gran or parents are in any situatuion to look after them and I wouldn't want my children to feel like a burden to them.

Full text of "The Emmons family genealogy: a record of the emigrant Thomas Emmons of Newport, Rhode Island, with many of his descendants from to " See other formats.

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