Gilded age essay prompts

These authors demonstrated the age as the foreground of technology for a futuristic world. At the same time the declarations were also added regarding the discriminatory practices of the society. Basically their interpretations satirized the essence of Capitalistic greed of the Age. They further represent the political corruption of the post-Civil War America.

Gilded age essay prompts

Rising inequality seems to pose an insurmountable political problem. If the underlying causes are technological change and globalization, the forces appear to be unstoppable. Alternatively, if the causes are primarily political and involve the power of corporate and financial interests, the forces driving inequality may also appear to be overwhelming.

Gilded age essay prompts

Some people may conclude in despair that, for all practical purposes, nothing can be done. That conclusion, however, is unjustified for two reasons—first, because things have been and can be done to check increased inequality even in the short term; and second, because limiting the political power of concentrated wealth is a cause with deep American roots and wide support that is a difficult but achievable long-term goal.

While economic inequality has risen sincethe trend has not been steady. As in previous decades, Democratic administrations have had a better record on equality as well as growth than Republican administrations. Moreover, Democratic presidents have been able to advance a wide range of liberal and egalitarian objectives during this period, and the support for stronger measures is growing.

It would be a colossal error of judgment to believe that Democratic policies and judicial appointments make no difference. The historical record in the United States is consistent with comparative evidence on other wealthy democracies, which also shows that public policies can limit inequality while promoting growth, even under the pressures of technological change and globalization.

The most visible of those methods involve taxes, spending programs, and monetary policy, but just as important are all the ways in which government sets the rules of the market and thereby affects the incomes that people derive from it.

These are the rules that shape labor relations, credit and debt, financial institutions, corporate structure, antitrust, international trade, intellectual property rights, liability, and other aspects of economic life.

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How Gilded Ages End As a result their became a time in history that would earn many men their fortunes and cost many more men their sanity. Capitalism was the name of the game and due to the drastic labor problems and the social issues because America was developing this system.

As Robert Reich argues elsewhere in this issue, changes in those rules during recent decades in the United States have been primary causes of rising inequality, and any hope of reversing that process depends on redressing the imbalance in political power that lies behind it.

Fifty years ago, to talk about inequality was to talk about the persistence of poverty in an affluent society. Now, inequality raises an additional challenge: Reducing poverty is an inherently tougher political problem because it involves asking the majority to agree to policies, including taxes, that benefit the poor and minorities.

Rallying the majority of Americans on behalf of their own economic interests should, in principle, be easier. The analogy should actually be encouraging. As daunting as the political challenges were at the time, the Gilded Age came to an end with the reforms of the Progressive era and the New Deal.

Those years saw countless changes in the rules of economic life as well as new taxes and social spending that gave the great majority of Americans a better life. But behind the myriad of specific reforms was a common recognition—a collective revulsion against the privileges of great wealth allied with great power.

Gilded age essay prompts

The challenge now is to mobilize that kind of moral sentiment on behalf of a new age of reform. During the final week of the election campaign, the Republican presidential candidate James G.

Democrats also take the money when they can get it, though they may be more sensitive about appearances. In one resort town after another—Rancho Mirage, Calif.

The screening of presidential candidates by the super-rich is only one aspect of the heightened role of big money in politics that has provoked some political scientists to adopt an old word to characterize the new realities of power. Oligarchy aptly describes the direction of change in America during the past four decades.

The idea is not that oligarchy has replaced democracy; rather, the two have become fused in a system where those at the pinnacle of the economy are able to tilt politics and law sharply in their own favor.

This is the argument developed by Jeffrey A.


Winters in his book Oligarchy, which analyzes material wealth as a source of political domination in a wide range of societies from ancient Greece and Rome to the modern world. On many issues such as abortion, gun rights, or the environment, the wealthy come down on different sides.

They are far less likely to cancel each other out, however, on questions such as taxes that bear directly on their shared economic interests.In Walter Nugent’s book Progressivism: A Very Short Introduction, he claims Progressivism emerged as a response to the Gilded Age, an unfortunate era that left the average working Americans poor while a new class of wealthier people started to rise.

The Gilded Age: Essays on the Origins of Modern America / Edition 1 Broad in scope, The Gilded Age consists of 14 original essays, each written by an expert in the field.

Topics have been selected so that students can appreciate the various societal and cultural factors that make studying the Gilded Age crucial to our understanding of Price: $ Gilded Age Individualism this belief says that regardless of your background, you can still rise in society social darwinisim The theory of evolution and natural selection and is applied to human society Philanthropy is the rich to use thier great fortunes to further social progress Settlement houses settlement houses offer shelter, medical.

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