Freelance technical writing rates

The language used in these documents - such as technical concepts, processes and other information - often must be simplified for the end user while remaining accurate. However, in other cases, the freelance technical writer creates documents for professionals who are familiar with technical terms. In either case, it is important to have a strong comprehension of technical terms and concepts in the field within which the writer is working; they also need to be able to understand system diagrams and design specifications, as well as how the product works. In some cases, the ability to create technical illustrations may be needed in this role.

Freelance technical writing rates

Hourly wages Time me Photo credit: This type of quote is suitable for newbie freelancers. In this method, you are paid based on the number of hours you put in for an assignment. It simply means that you are paid for what you work and not a penny less or more.

If you take more time to finish a small amount of work, slowly but surely you will start losing contracts. This system is popular in countries such as US, UK, and so on.

A word of caution here! If there is travel included in the project then the hourly bid is extremely difficult to calculate. Page wise bid Photo Credit: Wikipedia Employers worldwide prefer this type of payment for content development, however this is the most difficult to provide.

In this strategy the number of pages is multiplied by a fixed constant. For example, a company that wants to have 10 pages of content on its recent medical product would prefer a quotation based on the number of pages.

You can compute the bid for these kinds of projects easily only if you have worked on similar projects and know the amount of time and effort that need to be put in. However, if you are new to the domain, company, or type of project, this method would not be suitable as it takes experience to determine the actual time required to do a particular job.

An experienced person spends lesser time on similar kind of projects. Even though there are exceptions it is advisable to opt for other pricing methods if you have not worked on similar projects.

You can quote a page wise bid for tasks such as editing, proofreading, translation, and so on as there is a limitation on the work or pages.

Even in such projects, it takes lesser time to review non-technical content than highly technical content. So propose bids based on the type of content. Monthly salary Photo Credit: Wikipedia If a project extends for months or years, it is better to ask for a monthly salary like the regular employees.

There are projects that run for years, so a monthly salary is the best option. Page wise or hourly bids do no work in such situation due to the extent of the project. This is especially true for web portals that contain thousands of pages of content and research assignments.

Fixed bid This bid is a combination of several methods and most sought after by employers across the globe. Employers prefer a fixed quotation on the documentation project that cannot be estimated by page length.

Suppose you are proposing a page wise bid for a project where there are 10 illustrations in some pages and one or no illustrations in some other pages. It is not in the interest of clients and writers to provide a uniform per page bid. Therefore, you can quote a bid for the entire project.

Most of the experienced freelancers prefer this type of bid. Apart from a few rare instances, almost every client prefers a fixed amount for the project, so that they are relived from the uncertainty involved in the cost of the project. This practice has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending upon several factors.

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If you are experienced then this option provides a better opportunity as you can charge the client more than the usual hourly bid rates.

However, if you are inexperienced and cannot determine the scope of the project, you eventually work more for less money most of the time. Suppose you estimated that it would take a month to write a few white papers on a highly technical topic and quoted a good price for that.

Unfortunately, the project was more difficult than you estimates and it took two months to complete the project. You finally worked for two months for the same price.

Freelance Writing Rates: How Much Should I Pay? [Infographic]

While estimating take into account at least 25 percent buffer time. In the beginning, freelancers often provide a deadline of the minimum possible days.

However, factors like sudden illness, internet connectivity, power failures, unavailability of core data, and other unknown but significant factors make it nearly impossible to stick to strict deadline. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to include a 25 percent buffer time to the deadline.

Every client would be happy to get the work done before the deadline and this extra time ensures that you deliver the work before the deadline. Each method has its own Ying and Yang components and it is up to you to follow any method depending upon your choice and condition.

Leave a comment and let me know.Freelance writer with a technical writing background providing concise informational articles, online content updates, and editorial services. Skip to content Technical and Freelance Writer. Common editorial rates—regardless of whether a fee is flat rate, per page, per word, or hourly—tend to fall within the ranges indicated below.

PWAC Conference Registration Open. The Professional Writers Association of Canada is pleased to announce its Conference, being held in partnership with the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch. A technical writer is someone who writes technical content which can be related to information technology, manufacturing, or any other field.

In a world where freelancing is attracting millions of people everyday, being a freelance content writer is not enough.

Freelance technical writing rates

Whether they should charge on the basis of pages, assignment, or, hour et al. I will describe a few payment methods I’ve used as a freelance technical writer. Only you can decide the payment method suitable for your freelance writing assignments as each assignment is different.

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