Freelance sports writing

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Freelance sports writing

In other words, having the most points on the board is your defense, and the only way to have the most points on the board is to have an aggressive offense.

So, how do you become aggressive in your freelance writing business? Well…the answer is twofold, 1 you must know your client better than they know themselves, and 2 you must know yourself better than anyone else.

You should have the second down pat, but we will get to that one last.

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Know their demographics; know what age groups, gender, or perhaps even their religious preferences. Know there likes and dislikes. Know the voice and writing style of the publication.

When you do this, what you are doing is searching for the gaps of that publication that only you can fill. That takes us to the next point. Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else Now, this point requires a bit of confidence on your part as the freelance writer. You need to be self-aware of what you bring to the table or to the market place.

There are things that only you can contribute and no one else. You have a background and you have experiences in something.

Freelance sports writing

Of course, you Freelance sports writing get the self-awareness part down first before you go looking and researching possible clients. Because without that knowledge of yourself you will not be able to find those gaps in the publication that only you can fill. True Story I wrote an article for Entrepreneur.

Now, this client is in the business of speaking, coaching, and training, but also has a unique angle to his niche. Because he is a former Marine, he likes to take Marine Corps principles, relate them to business, and then teach them to his clients in his seminars, etc. He wanted to do a series of blog post that was or is similar to what I did in the article for Entrepreneur.

This client wanted me to take the 11 leadership principles of the Marine Corps and do an 11 article series where I take each principle and relate it to business filling the gap. Here are the connecting links that make me the best writer for this type of job: He then responded by saying that he knew that he could go to sites like oDesk, Elance, or Fiverr and get writers to write him content for much less.

However, he also understood about the value I possessed from my background and experience in the Marine Corps. In other words, the chances of him getting a writer from one of those sites mentioned who are a former Marine or at least knowledgeable of the Marine mindset are 1 and a million.

He wanted someone with firsthand knowledge of what it means to be a Marine, as well as someone who is passionate about leadership and business. This is where I fill the gap for what he is trying to do with this project. In other words, the article series is about the 11 leadership principles, and the book project is about the 14 leadership traits of the Marine Corps as they relate to leadership and business.

Developing Your Aggressive System to Landing Freelance Writing Clients When you get these two things down, what you are doing is learning to be aggressive in your freelance writing business. Overtime, being able to find those gaps that only you can fill will become your habitual system that you develop that brings in the clients, and allows you to be aggressive in your price negotiations.

Action Steps to Take With You: Believe me, there are some things that you have that no one else does.Twitter is a great place to find freelance writing jobs quickly and it’s a great way to build relationships with potential clients.

And by following certain freelance writing job boards you won’t be hard-pressed trying to land a gig during a dry spell.

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The AP Sports Writing Handbook by Steve Wilson is a fantastic guide to the world of sports writing. The “ for Dummies” series also has great cheat sheets online as well as books on various sports. Welcome to Tom Joyce’s official freelance website.

He is always looking for more writing opportunities and you can learn more about him here. Freelance writers and aspiring sports journalists should absolutely use as a place to show off their knowledge and writing ability, advertise themselves and spread their name around the .

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