Dutch american friendship treaty business plan needed

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Dutch american friendship treaty business plan needed

dutch american friendship treaty business plan needed

Dutch citizenship Obtaining Dutch citizenship For those who are not born as a Dutch national, there are two ways to obtain Dutch citizenship: Naturalization If you have resided in the Netherlands for an uninterrupted period of five years and have passed the civic integration exam you may qualify for Dutch citizenship.

There are exceptions to the five years requirement, for example for those who have been married to a Dutch national for at least three years. In principle, Dutch law aims to prevent dual citizenship. Hence one of the requirements is that you renounce your original nationality after becoming a Dutch citizen.

However, if your country of origin does not allow you to give up your nationality or if you are married to or in a registered partnership with a Dutch national, you do not need to give up your other nationality.

Option procedure The option procedure is available to people who already have ties with the Netherlands that go beyond residing in the Netherlands. For example, people who were born as a Dutch national and lost it over time due to dual citizenship, those who were born in the Netherlands and have resided here ever since, adults who have resided in the Netherlands since they were 4 years old and spouses of Dutch citizens who have resided in the Netherlands for at least 15 years.

The option procedure is faster than the naturalization procedure and you do not need to pass the civic integration exam and in most cases renounce your other nationality. If this proposal is accepted, the naturalization term will be changed from five years to seven years. Spouses will also no longer be able to apply for Dutch citizenship while residing abroad.

The bill has been passed by Dutch parliament, but the Dutch Senate has not approved it yet and the proposal has therefore not taken effect yet. Permanent residence permit After five years of legal residency in the Netherlands, you may qualify for a permanent indefinite residence permit. There are two types of permanent residence permits: Five years of uninterrupted residence Both types of permanent residence permits require that you have legally resided in the Netherlands for an uninterrupted period of at least five years.

If you have a residence gap a period of time without a valid residence permitthe five years will be interrupted and the time spent in the Netherlands before the residence gap will not count. For the EC permanent residence permit, you should have resided in the Netherlands on the basis of a non-temporary residence permit.

Years that you resided in the Netherlands with a residence permit for a temporary purpose for example: For the Dutch permanent residence permit, the last permit that you hold should be a non-temporary one.

A Beginner’s Guide to DAFT The Dutch-American law called the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty your required initial investment into a business. US citizens can live and work in the Netherlands under the little-known Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT). The DAFT was created in , and it allows US citizens to set up a business in the Netherlands and obtain a residence permit. The Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, also called ‘Dutch American Friendship Treaty’, between the United States of America and the Netherlands, allows American entrepreneurs to set up their own business and make use of favorable regulations to work and reside in the Netherlands.

It does not matter what type of permit you held before. Civic integration exam Civic integration requirements apply for a Dutch or EC permanent residence permit. There are some narrowly defined exceptions to this rule.

Sufficient means of income In principle, you should have sufficient means of income and this income should be available to you for at least one year. If you have an employment contract that is valid for at least one year and you earn sufficient income, you should meet this criteria.

However, if your situation is different, it may be worthwhile to check if your circumstances would pass the test. Benefits The permanent residence permit provides you with an independent right to reside in the Netherlands.

You are no longer dependent on your employment situation or your family situation. The EC permanent residence permit has the additional benefit of increased mobility within the EU.

You do not need to choose between the two types of permits: Family reunification Bringing family members over to the Netherlands can be a challenging matter.

Under certain conditions, your family members can join you when you move to the Netherlands. The specific requirements depend on your nationality, the type of residence permit that you hold or apply for and the nationality of your family members.

In general, spouses, registered partners and children under the age of 18 are eligible for family reunification.

Unmarried partners and same-sex partners can also apply. Other family members, such as children aged 18 years or above or parents, may under strict circumstances also qualify to join you.The IND lays out the requirements for eligibility to apply for residency under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty.

You must meet the following conditions: You operate your business between the US and the Netherlands. I keep hearing about the Dutch-American friendship treaty and decided to take a closer look at it.

Notes from Our DAFT Immigration Consultation Call Other blogs online helped me a lot as I went through the process, though I found that there is a lack of updated information about the process online. Have 4, euro disposable income.
america|USA - Everaert Advocaten Immigration Lawyers We would have had to satisfy a points-based test and to have invested a significantly higher amount of capital into the business.

Basically, create a business plan for something you can do in the Netherlands, have at least €. During this time you’ll meet with a local mentor and build your business. After 12 months you’ll have the option to extend your stay and apply for the standard self-employed work permit, which is available through the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty.

dutch american friendship treaty business plan needed

First of all, I was able to use the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty with ease because I was already living in the Netherlands as a resident with a Zoekjaar/Search Year Permit for recently graduated students.* In short, the Search Year permit allowed me to do many things, including.

For more information regarding the Dutch American Friendship Treaty and how we can help you start your business in the Netherlands, call us at +31 (0)20 or use the contact form for a quick reply. Dutch American Friendship Treaty and Dutch Japanese Trade Treaty.

Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) – Tilting Toward Windmills

You meet the conditions that apply to everyone. You have the American or Japanese nationality. You do business between the Netherlands and the United States or Japan.

Or you develop and lead the general business of an American or Japanese company in the Netherlands.

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