Descriptive essay about a place in malaysia

My father is born and leaves in Penang for the past 54 years of his life while my mother was from Kedah but after her marriage with my father she also lived in Penang until today. I live in a town known as Seberang Jaya.

Descriptive essay about a place in malaysia

Providing free essays and examination tips Monday, December 27, Essay: Pulau Langkawi is surrounded by a cluster of small islands and is situated in the north-western part of Peninsular Malaysia.

It is always blessed with perpetual sunshine,adequate rainfall and refreshing breeze. In fact,Pulau Langkawi is a perfect tourist destination which is reserved for the kind of tranquility and transcendental experience that no other places can rival.

A visit to Pulau Langkawi offers you an inexhaustible experience which is indeed rewarding. First and foremost,Pulau Langkawi offers breathtaking and stunning beaches. The beach is surrounded by emerald green sea and blanketed by sapphire blue sky.

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One can hear the soothing hum of gentle waves which creates a symphony of natural sound. Visitors can savour hours of serenity on the white sandy beach lined with swaying coconut trees. On top of that,one can relax his lethargic body on the hammock that swings between two shady trunks.

At the seaside,you are able to take a leisure stroll while enjoying the kissing of the gentle breeze.

Descriptive essay about a place in malaysia

Apart from that ,the beach is always filled with laughter and shrieks of joy as children are splashing around with one another. The beach also provides numerous watersports activities such as snorkeling ,windsurfing and scuba-diving for the adventurous.

Besides,the most striking scene in Pulau Langkawi is the night markets. It is indisputable to say that the night markets play an vital role in the night life of either foreign or local visitors.

At the night markets,one will be surprised to discover the boisterous crowd. Everywhere,you can see people moving from stall to stall,young couples strolling around. Teenagers with multi-coloured spiky hair are window-shopping.

Very often,at night the whole area will be illuminated by colourful and bright lights which exude a fiesta-like atmosphere. Wholesalers and individual stall owners flock to the area in lorries and vans to unload their goods. They then sort out their wares on the makeshift stalls under colourful plastic canopies.

Soon, the potential customers will be making a beeline heading to every stall to start their spending-spree.

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Fashion conscious shoppers will be amazed to find out an array of blouses,T-shirts,dresses ,skirts,jeans and shorts that are arranged and displayed on the makeshift stalls. Housewives will have their wonderful time bargaining for better prices with vegetable stall owners or butchers.

Obviously,stall owners are doing a roaring business at the night markets. A little distance away from the night market holds a number of modernized and air-conditioned food courts and restaurants.

In order to suit the taste buds of both foreign and local visitors,most restaurants and food courts offer a wide choice of dining options,ranging from delectable steaming Chinese dishes to hot and spicy Thai and Malay food.

They are sure to salivate at the sight of hungry customers slurping their soup,munching their fried chicken,crunching their crabs,some even shamelessly polishing their empty plates of fried rice.

Everyone at the food courts cannot resist their temptation!


For the adventurous and nature-loving visitors,Pulau Langkawi pristine forests will be their perfect destinations. All the forests in Pulau Langkawi are well-equipped with facilities and have well laid out trails for jungle-trekking. Definetely,one can seize the golden opportunity to get closer with the nature as well as isolating themselves from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When you cast your feet into the forests,you will be welcomed by the chirping of birds interspersed by the occasional calls of bizarre insects. Further inside the jungle,the smell of rotting leaves merged with the sweet fragrance of flowers wafting in the air.

Dry leaves are rustling in the gentle wind. The forests have diverse flora and fauna — wild orchids and flowers of every imaginable kind grow among the tall trees and thick bushes.

Colourful birds of various species soaring overhead. Playful monkeys swinging from tree to tree. Beautiful butterflies fluttering in between the flowers. A herd of deer dart across the trails.

As you go deeper into the equatorial forests,you will be able to watch the majestic waterfalls cascading from great heights.

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On top of that,you are able to take some snaps of the picturesque freshwater lakes. It is true that Pulau Langkawi is one of the best cultural tourist attractions in Malaysia. Kuah is a quaint little town with a number of gorgeous classic wooden buildings.There is so many interesting places that you can visit in Malaysia.

Let’s talk about all the amazing things that you can find in the state of Malaysia and its beautiful places. For example the captivating capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is one of the most visited tours and travel destination of the country/5(11).

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Descriptive Essay About a Place You Visited Descriptive Analysis - Words Descriptive Analysis The motion picture Mean Girls, produced by Mark Waters and . Dec 27,  · Essay:A place of interest in my country .Pulau Langkawi is surrounded by a cluster of small islands and is situated in the north-western part of Peninsular is always blessed with perpetual sunshine,adequate rainfall and refreshing fact,Pulau Langkawi is a perfect tourist destination which is reserved for the.

Essay on Malaysia: Read An Outstanding Essay on Malaysia. Article shared by: Thailand Arabs are residents in Malaysia—a reflection of the crossroads location of the Malay Peninsula and a meeting place for peoples from other parts of Asia.

The aborigines (Orang Asli) contain several groups, some of which speak Malay and related .

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