Complan vs horlicks

It was introduced to India in by Glaxo Laboratories who marketed it through doctors as a convalescence drink. InComplan went OTC though image perceptions continued to be ethical. Hence, from to the product advertising was focused on the Goodness of Complan as a means to compensate dietary deficiencies. The brands next major milestone occurred in

Complan vs horlicks

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Complan vs horlicks

Monday, March 1, Rin Vs Tide ad, ethical? Digged the ad out of youtube to see it again and then today's ET had a new item on the same. Link Not that sort of comparison has not been done at allComplan vs Horlicks ad controversy is still fresh in our minds.

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Many years back it was pepsodent versus colgate ads but even then no direct mention of brandsand it is said that it took the marketing heads of both the companies to sit together to end the money being wasted on comparative ads.

But at a very fundamental level, marketing as an activity which is 'relative', firmly anchored against competitionbe it USP or differentiation the point of reference is competition. And what has been happening till now is that companies avoided directly naming the competing brandbut use a similar coloured or looking product in their ads.

But in the Rin ad the line has been crossed and HUL has very clearly shown the competing product. Link for more on his post on the issue. On the legal front praveenpoints out the small disclaimers during and at the end of the ads, should help HUL's case in the courts, but then raised the question of why such an ad in the first place.

On the issue of whether it is right or wrong, ethically yes, we question the ad, but then how right or wrong is it to use a similar looking product without actually naming the competitor?

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But as they say too much of anything is bad, even too much of attention or focus on competition is also bad as in the process you might lose focus on your own customer??? Lastly an observation on the maturity of the blogsphere in India, there are more than blog posts on the issuesince the ad was aired, so I thought I should also jump into the discussion: There are discussions going on the issue on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites Posted by Rajesh Aithal at Brand Wars: Brand Wars.

Introduction: Introduction It is a sales promotion technique that compares the products or services of one undertaking with those of other competitors. It is designed to highlight the advantages of the goods or services offered by the advertiser as compared to those of a competitor.

Horlicks Vs Complan VS. Targeted Newspapers from South Low cost drink Vs Complete growth Compared Complan with Horlicks on Ingredients, Protein Content, Protein Quality, Number of nutrients.

Horlicks launched advertising campaign to counteract Complan s Claimed that Horlicks had 24 more nutrients than. Viswanath Pilla Moneycontrol News. American food company Kraft Heinz is considering the sale of its powdered milk drink brand Complan in India, which could .

Horlicks malted milk drink is a nutritious bedtime drink which is promoted as an aid to a restful night’s sleep. When it was first produced back in , it was intended to be used as a substitute for mother’s milk for babies, but with scientific advances it was discovered that would not provide a baby with all the nutrients he/she needs, and it is difficult for a baby under 1 year old to.


Horlicks, Complan, Bournvita- all the health drinks claim to make your children grow stronger and taller.

We tell you the truth about health drinks. Kraft Heinz is bringing Complan to the market as UK pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline weighs selling its stake in its Indian consumer health subsidiary, which owns malted milk drinks brand Horlicks.

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