Compare and contrast iliad vs odessey

Interaction and Reaction in Virgil and Homer "May it be right to tell what I have heard, May it be right, and fitting, by your will, That I describe the deep world sunk in darkness Under the earth. In addition, they provide the reader of the poems with a fascinating basis for comparison, not only between the two poets, but between their characters and poetic creations as well. One of the most striking of these contrasts appears in the detailed geographical and topological imagery with which Virgil has built his Hades. Not only do we see, in the passage relating the tortures and torments of the mythological figures, specific geographical formations, such as the fiery Styx which "rushed with scorching flames and boulders tossed in thunder," but also artificial, man-made or in this case god-made elements:

Compare and contrast iliad vs odessey

Hospitality in The Odyssey | Open Borders: The Case

This movie recounts the efforts of Odysseus to return home after the Trojan War. The names of the characters are the same as those of the classic Greek epic. Most of the incidents in the film bear a strong resemblance to stories from the myth.

There are some changes in the plot and the characters. The movie also adds some explanatory material about the birth of Telemachus and the Trojan War. The characterization of Odysseus by Armand Assante is excellent and will leave a strong impression of the cleverest of the ancient Greek warriors.

Benefits of the Movie: This movie is best used as an adjunct to reading the book and should be shown to children after the book has been read.

The film can be used by teachers as a reward or a supplemental activity.

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Alternatively, certain portions of the film can be shown in class, analyzed and discussed. The film is not as good as the book. This is a comment rather than a criticism. Very little can measure up to the written version of The Odyssey.

The movie eliminates some of the episodes in the book. In the film, there are several bloody scenes of fighting and men being eaten alive by various monsters.

From what war is Odysseus attempting to return home? In General Ramblings Xenia, the Greek concept of hospitality and the guest-host relationship, was, according to M. Indeed, it is worked into The Odyssey as a major theme, and comes to influence the plot in significant ways.
The Iliad/The Odyssey/The Aeneid by Homer This snippet is for sons and daughters of China!
See a Problem? Welcome to a web site that discusses some less revealed themes in the Odyssey.
The Concept of Civilization in Homer's Odyssey [Lucian of Samosata Wiki] The dialogue began with Homer, and contemporary texts and popular culture media have continued the tradition of deconstructing and recreating stories, addressing issues related to the human psyche.
Downloading prezi... Mason Odysseus was one of the Greek kings who went to Troy and came back a hero.

There are some quite sexually suggestive scenes with Circe and Calypso, but nothing explicit is shown other than embracing, kissing and the act of lying down together on a bed. Odysseus is a married man. His allegiance to his wife and family and his strong desire to return to them are a major theme.

However, in ancient times, marital fidelity for males had nothing to do with sexual fidelity. Remember to either read the book with your child or have your child read it. See Read the Book First!

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As you go through the book review the Helpful Background section and the Discussion Questions for topics to discuss. If your child watches the movie before reading the book, ask and help your child to answer the Quick Discussion Question.

What do you think was Odysseus' most heroic act, the one event which most clearly defines his character and sums up the major themes of The Odyssey? There is no one right answer to this question.

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The key to the answer is how the act chosen as the most heroic relates to the themes of the story. For example, an excellent answer would be the slaying of the suitors and a description of how it advances at least three of the following themes:Epic Similes and Epithets of The Iliad There are many epic similes and Epithets of the Iliad to explain or compare certain events to the story.

The significance of the detailed nicknames and comparisons illustrates the story, thus making it easier to portray what is . In Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, various aspects of the ancient Greeks are revealed through the actions, characters, plot, and wording.

Homer uses his skill as a playwright, poet, and philosopher to inform the audience of the history, prides, and achievements of the ancient Greeks, and, also, to tell of the many values and the multi-faceted culture of the ancient Greek caste.

Abstract: Homer’s The Odyssey is the archetypal quest dialogue began with Homer, and contemporary texts and popular culture media have continued the tradition of deconstructing and recreating stories, addressing issues related to the human psyche.

In contrast, Odysseus and his men are on a journey of intent and meaning in the land of the living, which itself is far removed from the land of the dead situated on the other side of the raging river Oceanus.

Compare and contrast iliad vs odessey

UNIT: THE ODYSSEY ANCHOR TEXT. Excerpts from. The Odyssey, Homer (Literary) The Iliad. by Homer, in which Hector says goodbye to Andromache, and the. n answer.

a combination of multiple - choice and constructed-response questions. 3. Compare and contrast the motivations of Hector and Odysseus. Consider how each character is driven to.

Free Essays: Comparing Achilles of the Iliad and O Free Essays: Comparing Achilles of the Iliad and Odessey comparison compare contrast essays Achilles of the Iliad and Odessey Achilles was the bravest, strongest and most feared of the achian soldier, but pride and desire for revenge would be of a.

Heroes and the Homeric Iliad