Chicken hips by catherine pigott

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Chicken hips by catherine pigott

We want everyone to feel welcome to attend these informal gatherings to discuss short readings. The women of the household clucked disapprovingly when they saw me. It was the first time I had worn African clothes since my arrival in tiny, dusty Gambia, and evidently they were not impressed.

It was something I longed for. It was obvious I fell short of their ideal of beauty. I had dressed up for a very special occasion —the baptism of a son.

Chicken hips by catherine pigott

The women heaped rice into tin basins the size of laundry tubs, shaping it into mounds with their hands. Five of us sat around one basin, thrusting our fingers into the scalding food.

These women ate with such relish, such joy. They pressed the rice into balls in their fists, squeezing until the bright red palm oil ran down their forearms and dripped off their elbows. I tried desperately, but I could not eat enough to please them.

It was hard for me to explain that I come from a culture in which it was almost unseemly for a woman to eat too heartily.


It was considered unattractive. It was even harder to explain that to me thin is beautiful, and in my country we deny ourselves food in pursuit of perfect slenderness. That night, everyone danced to welcome the baby.

Women swiveled their broad hips, and used their hands to emphasize the roundness of their bodies. One needed to be round and wide to make the dance beautiful. There was no place for thinness here. It made people sad.

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It reminded them of things they wanted to forget, such as poverty, drought and starvation. You never knew when the rice was going to run out. There, it is beautiful — not shameful — to carry weight on the hips and thighs, to have a round stomach and heavy, swinging breasts.

Women do not battle the bulge, they celebrate it.

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A body is not something to be tamed and molded. The friends who had christened me Chicken-Hips made it their mission to fatten me up. Every month, the women would take a stick and measure my backside, noting with pleasure its gradual expansion. What was extraordinary was that I, too, believed I was becoming beautiful.

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“Chicken Hips” by Catherine Pigott Answer each of the following questions using complete sentences. 1) What is the thesis of Pigott’s essay? The Gambian women nicknamed the author “chicken-hips” because of her relative thinness. Create two other metaphors they . Absurdity of life essay the army engineer song essayons egyptians swat essay forcer le passage en premiere essay bartolome de las casas biography essay bad experience essay home food and fast food essay essay about ida b wells negligence per se essays pro and con essays catherine pigott chicken hips essay whole 30 bad experience essay best.

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Pigott went to Africa for teaching, therefore she shared the home and culture of a Gambian family. She was nicknamed "Chicken-hips" by the Gambian women because she was too thin, in fact, Pigott had never been called thin before.

During a special occasion, Pigott saw the Gambian.

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