Case study stanbic bank tanzania essay

For this study, research is the process of thoughtfully designing, step-by-step, a project to gain both knowledge and a better understanding of the topic. The purpose of the research has been to gain first hand data about Banking and Inter Cultural Communication. Based on the nature of the research a descriptive qualitative research approach would be the most effective.

Case study stanbic bank tanzania essay

Sense of competence Source: There have been many studies which have shown that we now have many things that influence the amount of motivation. In Tanzania, there are work that are being done by different organizations on looking to stimulate the employees.

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The facet of payment has been used as the primary issue of motivating the employees. Compensation and motivation Taking Tanzania's banking sector, many multinational Lenders such as Barclays bank or investment company, city lender and standard chartered bank or investment company are offering good pay with their employees; in addition they provide them with places to live a life and transportation facilities.

These have made the bankers highly undertaking and many people are considering those finance institutions than other lenders. The Standard charted bank which is a foreign lender was nominated the best workplace because of its good payment to its employees.

In societies where food and shelter is not a problem, employees may be motivated by higher degrees of needs such as cultural esteem and home actualization. Community needs may be satisfied by giving recreational facilities and arranging parties and day trip picnics.

Most of the companies organize Holiday and New 12 months parties for the employees and their family. Pleasing employees through promotions, providing position symbols like a well equipped office, luxury car will enhance the employees self-confidence.

An try to motivate staff through human relationships, pleasant working conditions and improved benefits does not work. The only real true way to inspire employees is to up grade their careers through promotions.

Self actualization needs may be satisfied by enriching the work and which makes it more challenging. Other methods include creating a career way and encouraging employees to reach their full probable. As opposed to the above lenders which have participated in the facet of good payment, employees in organizations that do not compensate well have had complications in their shows.

It is also acknowledged that in order to avoid the recurrence of dissatisfaction, cleanliness factors must surge continually. For example, a person who gets a pay surge ofTsh annually and the next year a increase of 50, Tsh will dissatisfy the individual with the second raise since it will almost total a pay lower.

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A research conducted by Ali Hussein Parhan at the EXIM Bank in Tanzania figured the employees become encouraged to do their work when they believe that they are really being adequately paid out.

The research further discovered that the employees who noticed not adequately paid out were more likely to leave the bank sector and move to other sectors which may be more lucrative for these people.

The facet of payment in the Tanzanian Banking sector is very significant as it has a significant contribution in the manner where the employees operate. Included in these are those studies conducted by Assy and Kimbori which showed that most the employees aren't content with their job due to inadequate compensation.The British arm of African lender Standard Bank admitted to allegations that it and two former Standard Bank executives in Tanzania broke U.K.

anti-bribery laws while working on a Tanzania.

Case study stanbic bank tanzania essay

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS – KENYA 1. INTRODUCTION Kenya is a country in Africa located in the eastern coast of Africa along the Indian Ocean.

It is the leading country in East Africa in terms of the size of the economy. East African countries include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi with a combined population of Million people.

Case study stanbic bank tanzania essay

Kenya is blessed with an advantageous geographical. March 19, —Stanbic Bank Uganda (SBU), in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, have launched the ‘Stanbic National Schools Championship’. Set to run under the theme ‘Empowering the job creators of tomorrow’ the competition will seek to nurture entrepreneurship, creativity and long term business thinking.

Porter’s five forces Porter's five forces model is a framework used as part of the strategic analysis stage of the strategic planning process. Porter looked at the structure of industries.

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In particular he was interested in assessing industry attractiveness, by which he . Stanbic Bank Tanzania was established in by Standard Bank group to take over operations of the defunct Meridien Biao Bank Tanzania limited.

the Banking Industry in Tanzania: A case study of NBC Bank and Stanbic Bank in Dar es Salaam City” in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of Masters of Science degree in Human Resources Management (MScHRM). “Innovation, Mass awareness, Technology and Microinsurance: 4 wheels to drive Ghanaian insurance industry forward” “Can new approaches combat roadblocks for Ghana insurance industry?”. Case Study Stanbic Bank Tanzania Essay Stanbic Tanzania is one of members of the Standard Bank Group. Idea of establishment of Standard Bank Group was brought by group of business men.

Stanbic Bank Tanzania is one of the members under the Standard Bank group. A recent Bank of Ghana publication indicated that the value of mobile money transactions in was GH¢b, up from GH¢b in Clearly, this PwC Ghana Banking Survey 4 T he level of awareness and trust so far exhibited by participants in the mobile money industry.

Standard Bank to Pay $32 Million Over Tanzania Bribery Case - WSJ