Airport business planning

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Airport business planning

IT No Comments The new technologies set to revolutionise the airport journey As increasingly empowered passengers seek new ways to take control of their own travel experience, the industry has embraced ever more ingenious technologies and intelligent innovations in answer to demands for an extraordinary airport journey.

Be it to ease navigation, reduce waiting times in queues, provide flight information or help airports to plan, Information Technology and inventive solutions are shaping air travel as we know it. Its all-encompassing, customer-centric approach makes use of revolutionary IT innovations to deliver a world-class service, for a new paradigm of customer with more demands and higher expectations than ever.

Meanwhile, with all airport information automatically updated across an integrated IT platform, roving customer service agents can assist with the processing of passengers using iPads to help speed up throughput. This in turn makes self-service a real service of preference for many of them, providing the ability to perform their airport-related transactions and fulfil their needs at their own pace and peace of mind, with minimum assistance.

This is only possible through extensive use of the available IT technology. IT solutions are also enabling passengers to use their own devices and independently seek information within the airport.

All information points will be equipped with state-of-the-art IT equipment like multi-touch monitors, thin kiosks printers, QR and 2D barcode scanners, to name a few.

This is only possible through extensive use of the available IT technology, therefore, it becomes of paramount importance to closely follow its continuous evolution.

airport business planning

The power of cutting-edge video analytics can revolutionise queue management in airports, and to reduce waiting times for a better passenger experience.

Innovative queue management expert Blue Eye Video utilises existing CCTV systems, or implements dedicated video cameras in airports, and using its ingenious technology measures and predicts waiting times at security checkpoints, check-in areas, passport control, taxi lanes and any crowded airport environment.

The passenger knows if, for example, he has time to have a coffee with his friends before going to the security checkpoint. At passport control, he can be made aware if he will have a long wait and can be reassured about the time he needs to do make his connection between flights.

Airport Planning & Regulation

In this way the passenger load is balanced between all checkpoints, meaning that airports can allocate resources in real-time to avoid long queues, and are alerted when they need to reduce or increase the number of gates in relation to real-time measurement, forecast and planning.

In Blue Eye Video deployed its technology at all security checkpoints in Washington Dulles International Airport, and also equips immigration and security areas in two terminals at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. EPSiLON Aero — specialist in airport way finding systems and advertising boards — provides bespoke product development and high quality production all under one roof.

Evolved as a joint venture between EPSiLON NV Visible Solutions, Belgium, and Noventis viscom AG, Switzerland, EPSiLON Aero has a strong background, with experience in product development and production on the one hand, and in the airport business sector on the other, as well as nearly 22 years of experience in the design, production and installation of a wide range of illuminated and non-illuminated signs and displays, and street furniture in a variety of markets such as government, public transport, airports, petro-chemistry, banking and insurance companies, dealer networks, and clients in both B2B and B2C sectors.

The installation of it signage elements is easy, and maintenance costs of the signs during their life cycle are negligible, and furthermore, the wayfinding products are slim and customisable, and as a result fit everywhere.

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Due to their extremely bright light output, the signs offer wayfinding support to streamline passenger process. Considerable investment in its 15,sqm production facility enables EPSiLON Aero to export its products and technologies on not only a European, but also a global level. Sustainability has always been highly valued, something translated not only in its products but also in its production facilities, through intelligent energy, water, and recycling management.

It features an innovative new user interface for dynamic Gantt chart, user process and new process flow management. Intelligent Information Technology is enabling airports to accurately predict their future resource needs.

HUB Performance is an industry leader in the field, with its smart planning software for traffic forecasting.

Airport planning

The ingenious software enables airports to plan at times when maintaining an exceptional passenger experience is especially crucial. It also optimises material handling equipment systems in order to deliver bags in the best way. The Operations team can therefore accurately plan the required resources and balance available ones, avoiding under or over-capacity situations.

Our very fast and fully-integrated solution helped the Planning team to reduce the complete planning process from 5 days to a few hours.Official Calgary International Airport website - live flight times and updates, traveller info, news, advisories, and parking information. DuPage Airport (DPA) and Flight Center, located just one hour from the heart of Chicago and within minutes of western Chicago’s major commercial centers, is one of North America’s premier business aviation facilities and the destination for your corporate and private aviation needs.

The 30,Foot View: What You Need to Know about the Evolving Airport Master Planning Process Airports are not immune, however, to a turbulent economy and. DuPage Airport (DPA) and Flight Center, located just one hour from the heart of Chicago and within minutes of western Chicago’s major commercial centers, is one of North America’s premier business aviation facilities and the destination for your corporate and private aviation needs.

airport business planning

Upon completing this course you will be able to: Develop a master plan that integrates the strategic objectives of your business Apply reliable forecasting to your business Understand both terminal and airside capacity management Provide reliable passenger processes and services at your airport An.

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