A review of the movie little rascals

Overall, the movie is fast paced, has multiple plots, lots of jokes, and is very enjoyable. The story revolves around a big go-cart race, held annually at the state fair. But this year, Alfalfa is in love with Darla and, according to club rules, that is not allowed.

A review of the movie little rascals

McGowan worked to develop a style that allowed the children to be as natural as possible, downplaying the importance of the filmmaking equipment.

A review of the movie little rascals

Later Our Gang directors, such as Gus Meins and Gordon Douglasstreamlined the approach to McGowan's methods to meet the demands of the increasingly sophisticated movie industry of the mid-to-late s. Eventually Our Gang talent scouting employed large-scale national contests in which thousands of children tried out for an open role.

Among them were the future child stars Mickey Rooney and Shirley Templeneither of whom made it past the audition. Ernie Morrison was, in fact, the first African-American actor signed to a long-term contract in Hollywood history [7] and the first major African-American star in Hollywood history.

They argued that the white characters in the series were similarly stereotyped: Early years[ edit ] According to Roach, the idea for Our Gang came to him inwhen he was auditioning a child actress to appear in a film. The girl was, in his opinion, overly made up and overly rehearsed, and Roach waited for the audition to be over.

After the girl and her mother left the office, Roach looked out of his window to a lumberyard across the street, where he saw some children having an argument. The children had all taken sticks from the lumberyard to play with, but the smallest child had the biggest stick, and the others were trying to force him to give it to the biggest child.

A review of the movie little rascals

After realizing that he had been watching the children bicker for 15 minutes, Roach thought a short film series about children just being themselves might be a success. Under the supervision of Charley Chasework began on the first two-reel shorts in the new "kids-and-pets" series, to be called Hal Roach's Rascals, later that year.

Newmeyer helmed the first pilot film, entitled Our Gangbut Roach scrapped Newmeyer's work and had former fireman Robert F. McGowan reshoot the short. Roach tested it at several theaters around Hollywood. The attendees were very receptive, and the press clamored for "lots more of those 'Our Gang' comedies.

Hal Roach presents His Rascals in The first cast of Our Gang was recruited primarily of children recommended to Roach by studio employees, with the exception of Ernie Morrison, under contract to Roach. Most early shorts were filmed outdoors and on location and featured a menagerie of animal characters, such as Dinah the Mule.

The Our Gang series was a success from the start, with the children's naturalism, the funny animal actors, and McGowan's direction making a successful combination. The shorts did well at the box office, and by the end of the decade the Our Gang children were pictured on numerous product endorsements.

The biggest Our Gang stars then were Sunshine Sammy, Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, and little Farina, who eventually became the most popular member of the s gang [14] and the most popular black child star of the s.

New faces and new distributors[ edit ] After Sammy, Mickey and Mary left the series in the mid s, the Our Gang series entered a transitional period.

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The stress of directing child actors forced Robert McGowan to take doctor-mandated sabbaticals for exhaustion, [17] leaving his nephew Robert A. McGowan credited as Anthony Mack to direct many shorts in this period.THE LITTLE RASCALS SAVE THE DAY – Blu-ray review James Plath April 1, Like many kids of my generation, I loved the original “Little Rascals” comedy shorts—not as much as “The Three Stooges,” but enough to feel some measure of excitement when one of them was rerun on television.

Sep 09,  · Watch video · Shake It Saiyyan - Rascals () HD p BluRay Music Videos - p Owais Khan and Shmoyel Siddiqui From Desi Rascals .

Aug 13,  · The Little Rascals is a movie that as a child I wouldn’t have liked, and that is saying something, because I liked a lot of bad movies as a child.

The Little Rascals further confirms my belief that Wayne’s World was a lucky shot in the dark for Penelope Spheeris. The movie suffers from a severe lack of chemistry between the lead buddies, Spanky and Alfalfa.

Throughout the film it's difficult to believe that these two children are best friends. A much better job is done with the characters of Porky and Buckwheat; it's too bad all the casting wasn't better. My mum bought it for my sister when she little and she loved it, now that was on video tape then I watched from around the age of three and I still watch now and am aged 19yrs old it is the best children's film by a clear mile in the words of Waldo from little rascals it is a stupendous movie.


p.s. The Little Rascals () is a kids romance, comedy movie starring Travis Tedford and Kevin Jamal Woods. It is directed by Penelope Spheeris. Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and the other characters made famous in the Our Gang shorts of the s and s are brought back to .

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