A description of why people have many kids

Additional research from the Pew Research Center reflects a longer-term trend of women eschewing parenthood as the number of U. Women who choose not to have kids have been referred to as "shallow" and "self-absorbed," and even the pope has said the decision not to procreate is fundamentally " selfish. If anything goes wrong, double it. Having a child biologically would involve a huge medical bill.

A description of why people have many kids

Rebroadcast November 26, 9: Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure. For more information on the people and ideas in the episode, see the links at the bottom of this post. Is it because we like the idea of building a family? Is it essentially a vote in favor of the future of civilization?

Is it an altruistic impulse — to give someone else a shot a living in this wonderful or, perhaps, not-so-wonderful world? Is it strictly a biological imperative — or, even further down the ladder, is a baby nothing more than a very substantial byproduct of the sexual urge?

My name is Emily Oster. I am an economist. I work at Brown University. Why do people have kids, Emily? I think this is probably an open question for debate. I think that some people would tell you, kids are enjoyable.

I think some people would tell you, particularly in developing countries, people have kids as an investment in their old age or even to work on their farms when the kids are young.

So, I think those are probably the leading candidate explanations. OK, and those are all good and believable in theory. Do we have any data that suggests that we actually know anything about this question, or not really?

I mean, we certainly see people having remittances from their kids and telling us that remittances from their kids are an important reason to have children.

That was all biology.

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We might even get to overpopulation. Let me ask you this: Maybe the political environment in the place you live? Personal philosophy or religion? I mean those are just a few of the ones we can think of. Yeah, I think many of those things are going to matter.

I think certainly what kind of birth control you have access to is going to influence how many kids you have because your ability to control it is influenced by birth control. I think income is an important component of this.

One of the most striking facts about fertility over the last several decades is that as many countries have gotten richer, fertility has gone down really dramatically, even in places that used to be very poor. And I think many people interpret that as an effect of income; that as you get richer you want fewer children for various reasons.

So I think that looks like a very strong driver of this effect. You wrote a paper that I love about India and the introduction of TV in different areas of India which allowed you to measure well the changes that TV brought.

Can you talk about that in terms of fertility? Yeah, so in that paper we look at what happens when people get access to cable television and we find something which actually has also been echoed in this study in Brazil, which is that when people get access to cable TV, which really lets them watch soap operas, it actually decreases their fertility.

A description of why people have many kids

But you know, maybe if I had fewer kids I could have that also. I guess another interpretation might be that soap operas are not as sexy as previously thought?

No, true, and also people are too busy watching TV to have sex is another interpretation we considered. Yeah, I think the best evidence we have from that is about what happens in recessions, which is that fertility goes down.

So even though broadly, as countries get richer over periods of decades — fertility goes down as money goes up — in the short-term, when we see a recession we tend to see declines in fertility.

But how can you tease out the economic optimism versus the economic reality. In other words, maybe I want to have kids right now, but I or a partner just lost a job or just got downgraded somehow. How do you tease out the mental effect? That is a very hard thing to tease out. Our view is that people are not interested in facing the possible negative reality and they would like to, sort of, take actions which make them feel like things are going to be OK.

And so, I think that was our interpretation in that. One is I as a parent may die relatively early, relatively young, and I as a parent may bequeath to my offspring this same genetic predisposition to this disease.In an effort to find out why so many young people are really deciding against parenthood, we solicited dozens of responses from our audience via Tumblr and Google Forms.

Source: Mic/Getty 6. To Have Kids or Not to Have Kids: Your Best Arguments. When I hear people explain why they have or want to have kids it usually fits into two categories: they do it because they think they are.

"Why have kids?" That's a question couples are increasingly prone to ask. Plenty of people have started their families without some sort of great vision. Increasingly, though, it takes vision for "why" to overcome the growing – .

Jan 07,  · I guess I’m simply interested in knowing and hearing about why other readers decided to (and not to) have children in the face of all of these facts, because when people ask me why I want to have children, I just say, ‘Because I do,’ and I would like to be able to say more than that.

Why does it seem like people who are poor have more kids? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 51 Answers. J.J. Staud, In my upmost personal opinion, I think that people should only have as many kids as they can afford. It's not a matter of discriminating poor or rich people, but the quality of life parents give to their children.

If you're a rich. Sep 05,  · People have children because it's the experience they want to have. Very simple.

A description of why people have many kids

There are a million specific reasons to have kids just as there are a million reasons not urbanagricultureinitiative.coms:

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