A critique of langston hughes poem i dream a world

Hughes realized that is was impossible to do what he wanted to do in one piece, so he composed a series of short poems that play effect off eachother. Western literacy thought values the long form, the novel in particular, as a statement of intellectual acheivement and implicity devalues short forms. For this reason a collection of short stories rarely recieves equal critical attention as does a novel by the same author.

A critique of langston hughes poem i dream a world

We can understand that the poet is talking about the treatment of injustice and inequality for black people by the whites. This right of independence has becomes a kind of dream now. He has turned old and always yearned for the equal treatment.

A critique of langston hughes poem i dream a world

But he could not find any differences. He feels that this dream can never be fulfilled and he and others like him will never attain this right of equality.

A critique of langston hughes poem i dream a world

Author is an old man now. Now he is thinking about his dream which he imagined about long time ago. He thinks that he has almost forgotten their dream. The dreams become a distant, faded memory that he almost forgets about, until he remembers as he grows older, and the memory of his dreams come back to the front of his mind.

He tries and tries to go forth with his dreams. That dreams is still brightening in front of him like a sun.

But now a wall has come between him and his dream. This wall became a barrier to his dreams. This means that he is not very hopeful towards the attainment of his dream; he seems that all light of hope is replaced by the darkness. Replaced by a shadow, and says that I am black.


The barrier has become like a long dark shadow which have covered his dream and overshadowed it. Author says that he lie down in the shadow, means he feels surrendered and helpless for this darkness. This can be interpreted as saying that the dream of freedom and equality is unrealistic or he is saying that the dream has been temporarily disabled because of the wall created by others.

The author thinks that he wants to break the wall and reach up to his dream. Now in between the wall and their shadow, only their hand is there, which again denotes the color of the skin.


Through this only he can find his dream by breaking the wall. He wants help to break the wall and shatter this darkness into like a brightening a sun in to a thousands of whirling dreams.The speaker in the poem “As I Grew Older” written by Langston Hughes certainly doesn’t think so.

As the title suggests, the speaker was still growing and learning, so he couldn’t have been a wise man, though he still could be from a child to an adult.

A prayer for the human good. This should be required.

Langston Hughes

Recitatation for all school children in the world in their language. So many children in the world know too well the wretchedness of hate and greed. Nov 29,  · Poetry Recitation "I Dream A World" by Langston Hughes I dream a world where man No other man will scorn, Where love will bless the earth And peace its paths adorn I dream a world .

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